‘SNL’ Weekend Update Took On Elon Musk, The Brooklyn Subway Shooter, And Paid Tribute To Gilbert Gottfried

It was yet another chaotic week for the world, and SNL’’s Weekend Update was there for it. Among the bizarro news was Elon Musk, the troll-iest of billionaires, threatening to buy Twitter, the social media service that dared boot the most dangerous president in American history.

“Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter for over $40 billion so he can loosen its free speech rules,” Michael Che said. “That’s how badly white guys want to use the ‘n-word.’”

“Honestly, I don’t understand why Elon even wants to own Twitter,” Colin Jost said. “It used to be something that seemed important and even fun and now you look at it and it’s confusing and depressing. It’s the Giuliani of apps.” He added, “Plus, Twitter isn’t even that profitable anymore. It just feels like a bad business decision. And I say that as someone who bought a Staten Island Ferry with Pete [Davidson],” a reference to an actual, questionable thing that happened.

The segment didn’t shy away from the scariest thing to happen in their city this week: a man shooting up a subway in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park, but thankfully not killing anyone. Che talked about how he was arrested after calling a tipline (though not without some help from the city’s latest hero). Over a photo of the suspect, Frank James, being carried out on a perp walk and not exactly looking in shape in a purple t-shirt, Che cracked that “judging from this photo, he was auditioning for the role of Grimace.”

At the end came a brief nod to another tragic story: the passing of legendary comic — and 1980 SNL cast member — Gilbert Gottfried. Neither Che nor Jost mentioned him by name, but the segment concluded with a photo tribute to Hollywood Squares’ greatest contributor.

You can watch the first stretch of Weekend Update in the video above.