Pete Davidson And Colin Jost Are Now Co-Owners Of A Retired Staten Island Ferry Boat

It seems like everybody wants a special relationship with regular guy Pete Davidson, including his co-star Colin Jost, as the two reportedly made a huge, life-altering milestone this week: they bought a ferry together.

The SNL pair reportedly bid $280,000 on a defunct ferry on Staten Island (not to be confused with the Staten Island Ferry) alongside comedy club owner Paul Italia. The group plan to turn the ferry into a live entertainment space with music, food, art, and more.

As the 5,200 person capacity ferry’s condition was listed with “mechanical issues,” it seems like any type of venue the group decide to make will be docked somewhere in the harbor. In other words, it doesn’t look like you will have to be trapped on a boat listening to novice stand-up comedians as you sail by the Statue of Liberty.

The ferry is supposedly an important staple in both Davidson and Jost’s lives: Davidson rode the ship to get to his early comedy shows, while Jost rode it to get to high school. As we know, Davidson is very attached to Staten Island, and even brought his rumored girlfriend Kim Kardashian to the borough last month, which is how you know it’s the real deal, since traveling to Staten Island is not for the faint of heart.