Steve Bannon Is Just Tossing Whatever Deranged Sh*t Pops Into His Head Against The Wall, Claims The ‘Deep State’ Wants To Assassinate Trump

Every right-wing conservative with a talk show and a measly Twitter following is losing their minds over the recent FBI “raid” at Mar-A-Lago. Most are sticking to the script of, “If a government agency can come after a former president, they can come after anyone,” which, yeah, that’s the whole point of the FBI. But Steve Bannon is taking things a step further.

Bannon hopped on to chat with, who else, Alex Jones during a recent episode of Infowars where he threw out some batsh*t conspiracy theories about the FBI’s search and seizure warrant against Trump. Even though he’s already earned his pardon from his old buddy-in-chief, Bannon went all in on his theory that FBI agents involved in the raid planted evidence against Trump and the government had plans to assassinate him soon.

“I do not think it’s beyond this administrative state and their deep state apparatus to actually try to work on the assassination of President Trump,” Bannon said. “I think – I think everything’s on the table.”

We’re not exactly sure who the “deep state” he’s referring to here is since the current Director of the FBI is Christopher Wray, a man appointed by Trump but we do know that Bannon has got his knickers in a twist over what he calls the “desecration” of one of America’s landmark buildings. (The golf resort. He’s talking about a golf resort.)

“So many important things happened there – to go and desecrate it the way they did, particularly over this administrative issue at the National Archives… clearly they’re, as you know, Alex, on a fishing expedition or on a planting expedition, I wouldn’t put it past [them] to have planted stuff … this is criminal,” Bannon continued. “They did it on purpose. They understand how Mar-a-Lago resonates with not just Maga but to the American people.”

That must be why Trump is already sending out newsletters using his latest brush with the law as a fundraising opportunity — because he knows how the middle class worships his mega-mansion filled with gold-plated toilets. Of course, Bannon paused his proverbial pearl clutching long enough to suggest a strategy for Trump moving forward should he want to avoid jail time. Just run for office again.

“I think security ought to be at the highest it’s ever been. And honestly, I think he ought to and I think he should have flown down in Mar-a-Lago this morning, walked out there at noon today, and said, hey, I’m running for president, United States. Suck on that.”

(Via Independent)