Rudy Giuliani Can’t Believe The FBI Is Going After Noted Law-Abiding Citizen Donald Trump: ‘What Is This, The Soviet Union?’

At the moment you’re reading this, Rudy Giuliani should probably be in Fulton County, Georgia, testifying to a grand jury about whether or not Donald Trump attempted to mess with the election process in the Peachtree State. But Rudy claimed he was physically incapable of flying, and even had a doctor’s note to prove it. But when the county district attorney’s office graciously offered to foot the bill for a train or bus ride for the former New York City mayor, he declined once again.

Rudy did almost die by back-pat not too long ago, and he sure does seem to be in bad shape. Strangely, he seemed to feel well enough on Monday night to have an animated chat with Newsmax, a.k.a. the only network desperate enough to put his mug on camera, about how Trump was totally right to contest the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Given all the sorts of legal issues in which Giuliani is currently embroiled, and his failure to show up in Georgia to discuss the election (after completely blowing off the his previously scheduled testimony), one would think that he’d want to keep quiet on the topic. But, oh HELL NO. While discussing the raid on Mar-a-Lago, Giuliani — who many believe Trump has set up as the scapegoat for all that election meddling — called it “outrageous” and accused the FBI of going after the former president based on “some kind of a cockamamie theory about electors.” (Leave it to Rudy to use a word like “cockamamie.”)

Rudy, his glasses getting foggier by the second, insisted that Trump “had every right to contest that election. What is this, the Soviet Union? He had every right to contest that election.”

Someone may want to tell Rudy that it’s probably best to not make any sort of reference to what is now Russia as part of his defense.