Steve Bannon Is Pissed That Sean Hannity Wants Someone To Assassinate Putin

In a very un-Hannity like show of support for the underdog, Sean Hannity unleashed a firestorm of condemnation on Vladimir Putin the other day, and basically dared someone—anyone—to step in and give the murderous traitor a taste of his own medicine. If he heard about it, Putin was likely not pleased with the Fox News host’s impassioned plea for someone to kill Russia’s president. And Steve Bannon is none too pleased either.

As Mediaite reports, Bannon—Donald Trump’s longtime strategist and all-around awful person—spoke on Thursday’s episode of “War Room” about Hannity’s outburst, but only after dedicated a large chunk of his podcast to praising MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, of all people (yes, even Bannon was surprised). Former Trump campaign advisor Steven Cortes was Bannon’s guest, and both agreed that there was a marked disparity between Hayes’ position and Hannity’s. And Cortes had a guess as to why:

“One reason as to why Hannity is losing the plot completely is because he’s had too much of Lindsey Graham. When you have Lindsey Graham on your show, the globalist loser, every other night. And you do nothing but love and kiss up to him, unfortunately it’s going to warp your mind I guess over time and that’s what’s happened to Hannity.”

According to Cortes, we’re “living in an upside-down world where Chris Hayes is speaking truth and Hannity is spewing nonsense.” Bannon agreed, and, speaking like a series of fortune cookies, reminded his audience that “The first casualty of war is truth,” and “don’t go abroad looking for truth.” He then closed out the segment by telling his audience that they’re being spun by the media. “They’re spinning you, constantly—24 hours a day. That’s why we’re here to try and give you a framework to think it through yourself, immerse yourself with information, and make sure you can make your own decisions.”

Just make sure they line up with what Bannon thinks.