Sean Hannity Is SO MAD That The U.S. Government Won’t Just Let Someone Murder Vladimir Putin

Sean Hannity would make a terrible politician. (Please remember that if he ever decides to give up his cushy Fox News gig and make a run for public office.) He proved his lack of tact and political acumen on Wednesday night, when he offered up his big idea for the easiest way we could put the Russia Ukraine War to an end right now: Basically, just to go in there and bump off Vladimir Putin. Easy-peasy.

As The Daily Beast reports, Hannity shared his ideas about how to put a swift end to the current crisis in Ukraine, which mostly consisted of a little bit of state-sponsored murder. As he explained:

“Putin has gotta be stopped. By whatever means necessary, one way or another. It’s a simple rule in life: If you invade an innocent country, and you kill women and children and men, you forfeit your right to lead a country and you forfeit your right to live. And I hope that people around Vladimir Putin… well, I hope they take action sooner than later.”

If you think Hannity, who has clearly watched too many James Bond movies, was speaking in jest in any way, think again. Because he clearly did some digging into the legal repercussions of what would happen if someone just snuffed out Putin the way he has done to journalists and many others who don’t bend the knee to him:

“Now currently, the U.S. operates under a decades-old executive order, first signed by President Gerald Ford. It prohibits the U.S. government employees from engaging in political assassination. But my final question tonight is: When it comes to Putin, is it time to now revisit the rule? My rule I like better… Simple: Cut off the head of the snake, the snake dies.”

You can watch the full clip over on The Daily Beast here.

(Via The Daily Beast)