Steve Harvey Posted A Sharp-Dressed Man Photo, And People Got A Little Carried Away With Photoshop

The past few years have really been something, but consider this, too: it’s been nearly six years since poor Steve Harvey rustled up the biggest mistake in Miss Universe history, and he transformed a usually dull event into a total disaster. That would be the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, which saw him endure the longest three seconds of his career while he realized that he’d announced the wrong winner. Well, Harvey has overcome this flub, and his TV career is even hotter these days. He went back to the Miss Universe pageant without too much incident and did the talk show hosting thing, and generally continues to go about his business. That includes deciding to pose a slick-looking photo of him looking sharp, and he provided zero context, simply the image of him gazing nonchalantly into the distance.

The pose had an effect, alright. And perhaps the post-and-run attitude contributed as well, but people immediately whipped out their Photoshopping tools and dug in with relish. Soon enough, Steve Harvey was transformed into anime characters, Captain America, Batman, you name it. And “someone’s aunty”? Sure. It’s rare these days to see people really enjoy themselves with some harmless fun online, and it felt like the good ol’ days of the Internet. Please enjoy.

And yes, of course someone couldn’t resist going all Squid Game up in Steve Harvey’s business. It is 2021, after all!