People Watching The Senate Runoff Results Were Just Happy To See MSNBC’s Khaki King Steve Kornacki Again

The year 2020 was so bad there was still another election left over for the early days of 2021. Granted, it had the possibility for something almost as seismic as a Donald Trump defeat: The Georgia Senate runoff, scheduled for January 5, could wind up with both houses of Congress blue, costing dreaded Mitch McConnell his ruinous Majority Leader position. It’s still a stressful night. But luckily there was someone who would get us through it: Steve Kornacki.

On paper, Kornacki is a most unlikely Internet boyfriend. He works for MSNBC, which isn’t even CNN. He crunches numbers as news station’s election analyst. He likes khakis. Like hissable Trump minion, he rarely wears suit jackets. But maybe this is exactly why social media has fallen for him. He’s a lovable nerd, and his excitement at things like ballot dumps is an endearing and infectious balm on election nights, which may at all other times inspire us to pull each strand of hair out from their respective roots. Certainly Leslie Jones thought so, back in November.

So the idea of the analyst returning, to preside over two key races had Kornacki heads losing their minds. He was there to provide over-caffeinated reactions to the fates that may befall incumbent Republican senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler as they hold their own against Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock — two of the most closely followed Senate races in history. But even if things take a grim turn, at least people could be pumped for some Hot Kornacki Action.

Moms love him.

And why not? He’s a badass, in his pocket calculator way.

And he’s a khaki king.

In fact, Kornacki wasn’t the only election night big board advocate who was turning heads before the big night. There was also CNN’s dapper John King.

In fact, the night’s real stars seemed to be both Kornacki and King.

That being said, some people said they’d rather see Kornacki in a less apocalyptic. context