Ted Cruz Joked That He’ll Be Played By ‘Apollo Creed’ In A Movie, And This Wasn’t Exactly A Knockout

Ted Cruz must secretly love to tweet about movies, and I have to admit, I kind-of love it when he does this, too. It’s fun, and everything is so serious these days. Years ago, the noted The Princess Bride superfan feuded with Cary Elwes, and he once made the grave mistake of tweeting about Fight Club and received some swift comeuppance. And now, Ted’s waded into Rocky territory.

What an odd world we live in. This happened when writer Oliver Willis noted Twitter sidebar trends and made a crack about “trump: the movie” casting going too far, and Ted was apparently thrilled to see this happen because Carl Weathers’ name (he happened to be trending due to this week’s episode of The Mandalorian) appeared in the sidebar.

Ted pretended to be flattered, and he responded, “Nice! I’m being played by Apollo Creed!!”

The joke (I guess) would be that Weathers, who embodied heavyweight champ Apollo Creed for the Rocky movies, would be playing Ted Cruz. This is, of course, very funny on multiple fronts. (It’s unclear whether Ted wanted to be played by Carl or the character Apollo, but that probably doesn’t matter.)

The photoshops began to fly, and even more than that, a certain Rocky IV scene surfaced in the commentary.

Ted might not have meant for this to happen.

Then came a “You wouldn’t even be Ivan drago” remark and some giggles.

And this wouldn’t be complete without a Cancun/”Apollo Fleet” joke.