Ted Cruz Is So Very Worried That Disney Might Start Showing Mickey And Pluto ‘Going At It’

Senator Ted Cruz is opening his mouth so that weird words can fall out again and this time, they’re directed at Disney.

The GOP punching bag who was oddly mum on the question of whether he’d fellate another man to end world hunger is pretty clear on where he stands when it comes to Disney’s opposition to the recently-passed “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Of course, because this is Ted Cruz we’re talking about — the man who once “liked” a pornographic video on his official Twitter account — he had to attack the happiest place on Earth by giving us all a mental image involving two beloved cartoon characters.

“I think there are people who are misguided, trying to drive Disney stepping in saying, you know, in every episode now they’re going to have, you know, Mickey and Pluto going at it,” Cruz said turning a taping of his podcast.

The topic up for debate centered on critics of the bill who are worried that it would force teachers who identify as LGBTQ+ to remain closeted out of fear of being sued by students’ parents, but you’d be forgiven for missing that point since Cruz seems fixated on sexualizing a children’s show. The senator also lamented the state of programming on Disney’s kid-friendly channels saying, “It’s just like, come on, guys, these are kids and, you know, you could always shift to Cinemax if you want that! Like, I’m a dad, it used to be that you could put your kids on the Disney channel and be like, all right, something innocuous will happen.”

Real question: Has this dude actually seen a Disney movie or TV show before? Or even like the beginning of Bambi? Dead moms and child brides and Stockholm Syndrome are all over the place in Disney films, but he’s drawing the line at two gay dads holding hands or something?

(Via The Recount)