Ted Cruz’s New Crusade Is Against ‘Pornography’ In Schools, So He’s Being Reminded Of His ‘Explicit’ Twitter History

Like many conservative politicians, Ted Cruz has found a new obsession: banning books. Texas is leading the nation in removing books “dealing with race, sexuality, and gender from schools,” according to NBC News, with “hundreds of titles [already having] been pulled from libraries across the state for review.” Many librarians are doing what they can to keep the books (including Pulitzer Prize winner Maus) in circulation, but they face an uphill battle against the likes of Texas governor Greg Abbott and Cruz, who believes that “left-wing educators” are introducing students to “explicit pornography.”

“Take a look at some of the portions from books that parents are going to school boards and reading out loud; this is what my child is being taught.’ And in too many instances, you have left-wing educators putting explicit pornography in front of kids. I think that is severely misguided, the crypto-loving senator told Insider. He continued:

“I don’t believe schools should be teaching explicit pornography to kids and advocates on the left that want schools to teach explicit pornography to kids are far out of the mainstream,” he said. “I think most moms and most dads don’t want their elementary school teaching pornography to their children. They want them teaching, reading and writing, and math history.”

It’s no coincidence that many of the targeted books deal with racism and sexism, and frequently feature LGBTQ characters. It’s also rich that Ted Cruz, of all people, is leading the crusade against “explicit pornography.”

Cruz can’t blame a “staffing issue” this time.

(Via Insider)