A Canadian Mayor Clapped Back At Ted Cruz After He Dared Truckers To Leave Consumers With ‘Empty Shelves’

When he’s not fleeing his constituents for Cancún or helping inspire violent Trump supporters to overturn democracy, Ted Cruz can be found annoying people on Twitter and then getting owned. No one likes him, not even the star of his favorite movie. On Saturday he was at it again, using social media to agitate an already agitated situation: the band of anti-vaxx truckers cruising around the nation, protesting mandates. And of course, it only ended up with Cruz getting owned.

On Friday, the mayor of Vancouver, Kennedy Stewart, released a statement made a simple request of the truckers, who were planning a protest in the city: “As the Mayor of a city with an over 95 per cent vaccination rate, my message to the convoy is this: Vancouver doesn’t want you here. Make your point and then go home.”

But Cruz wasn’t moved by the call for public health measures. Indeed, he seemed to want to make it worse. “Mayor says “Vancouver doesn’t want” truck drivers there,” he tweeted. “Folks might feel differently with empty shelves.”

Is it strange for an American politician, even one born in Canada, to joke about citizens in another country to go hungry? You betcha. His tweet did not go unnoticed by Stewart himself, who clapped back by pointing out his grim hope was impossible anyway.

“Can someone tell @tedcruz our store shelves are fine thanks to the 90% of Canadian truckers who are fully vaccinated. Too busy high-fiving all the awesome folks in #Vancouver that are helping push back against the #hateconvoy.”

It’s not the first time in the last few days that Cruz was humiliated on Twitter. Late last week he was dragged for daring to make a Cancún joke as his constituents once again found themselves without power during a winter storm.

(Via Raw Story)