Ted Cruz Made A ‘Disturbing’ Cancun Joke As Texas Prepares For A Winter Storm, But No One Was Laughing

From Thursday morning to the weekend, Texas residents should expect freezing temperatures and icy conditions; tens of thousands of people are already without power. Sound familiar? The storm isn’t expected to be as bad as 2021’s historic winter blast, and officials “do not expect systemwide blackouts” to the energy grid. But speaking as someone who lives in Texas, it’s hard to have faith in our state leaders when 246 people died (although some estimates have the total closer to 750) during last year’s freeze.

Case in point: while Texans prepared for the worst in lengthy grocery store lines, Ted Cruz (the actual worst) was working on his stand-up routine on Twitter.

“Inflation is out of control. Gas prices are [up emoji]. Food prices are [up emoji]. Lumber prices are [up emoji]. And tickets to Cancun are up 32%!” the senator tweeted ahead of the storm. It was a joke about his cowardly trip to Cancun while his constituents froze to death (which he blamed on his daughters), but he was the only one who was laughing.

Another tweet, Cruz wrote, “It is better to be over prepared than underprepared for winter weather. Things to have on hand as the winter weather approaches: Extra warm clothes & blankets, portable lights and extra batteries, first-aid kit, [and] extra nonperishable food and water for family and pets.” You can imagine the replies to that one. Actually, you don’t have to. Here you go:

Think before you tweet, Ted. Or better yet, don’t tweet.