Ted Cruz Got Roasted In Public At The Yankees/Astros Playoff Game Last Night In New York, Warming The Hearts Of Many

In an effort to support the Houston Astros in its League Champion Series game, Ted Cruz arrived at Yankee Stadium on Sunday night where he was given a warm New York City welcome by fans. And by warm welcome, we mean fans flipped him off, called him racist, and reminded him of the time that Donald Trump called his wife ugly. There were also chants of “Go back to Cancun,” so really just a whole menagerie of Cruz’s greatest blunders being thrown in his face amongst a sea of boos.

You can see the crowd turn on Cruz in the video below and pay close attention to the eyes of the dude behind him. Either that’s a random baseball fan just trying to get the heck out of Dodge or a Secret Service agent who didn’t sign up to fight an entire stadium full of people from the Bronx.


Despite Cruz getting roasted by Yankee fans, the Astros surprisingly pulled off a win. Maybe their home senator getting publicly humiliated is the team’s lucky charm? Who’s to say? But they should probably make sure it happens every game now. Just strap Cruz to the bus.

In the meantime, you can check out Twitter absolutely loving Cruz’s Yankee Stadium welcome below. It’s not every day you get to see an entire stadium drag a United States senator and publicly scream his greatest failures at him. Baseball truly is America’s sport.


(Via Wu-Tang is for the Children on Twitter)