Ted Cruz Got Dragged For Posting A Picture Of Him Dining With Trump, The Man Who Insulted His Wife And Father

No one likes Ted Cruz, especially Donald J. Trump. The former president called his wife ugly. He accused his father of killing JFK. And yet there the Texas senator was on Tuesday night, gleefully posting a picture of the two of them together, dining at Mar-a-Lago, like Trump hadn’t insulted those closest to him for a laugh, all while stomping on his dreams of ever becoming president — and on the same day, no less, that he’d already been a social media punching bag for a nonsensical tweet in which he seemed to think Jason Bourne was real.

“Had a great dinner tonight with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago. He’s in great spirits!” Cruz posted in a picture of the two of them beaming strained smiles. “We spent the evening talking about working together to re-take the House & Senate in 2022.”

Social media never tires of dragging Cruz, in part because Cruz provides them with so much ammo. Most didn’t even have to bring up his disastrous Cancun escape vacation — there’s already so many things to make fun of him about. Indeed, jokes were aplenty.

Though most people singled out that Cruz sees nothing wrong with dining with someone who insulted his wife and father.

Some, though, saved some digs for Trump.

Though others mocked the GOP that’s still enslaved to a disgraced former president who lives in a resort, ranting to strangers.

And some kept it simple.