The Flash Meets His Future Self In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘The Flash: Future’s End’

There are two Flashes in Central City. The first is the still-hopeful Barry Allen, who has discovered that using the Speed Force literally costs him time with friends and loved ones. The second is Barry from the future, older, angrier… and ready to kill, as we see in this exclusive preview.

This is actually an arc wrapping up from the main book; Angry Blue Barry has been running around Central for a bit, bumping off villains and trying to make up for past failures. But this is the big one, the one where everything changes for Barry, one way or the other. Needless to say, the cover has just a little hint about Wally West, who is so clearly becoming Kid Flash they didn’t even bother to leave him off the cover. But it’s really Barry’s moral slippage that’s so arresting. See for yourself…

The Flash: Future’s End hits the stands next week.