Here’s Our First Look At Gorilla Grodd On ‘The Flash’

The Flash has been filled with little hints about fan favorite villain Gorilla Grodd pretty much since the show started. But we weren’t sure they were actually going to pull that trigger, at first, for reasons we’ll get into. Next week, fortunately, they will. We just received a preview of the big gorilla.

Gorilla Grodd is a tricky villain to pull off, as he’s a talking gorilla with mind control powers. Admittedly, the show is doing away with some of his back story from the comics. Instead of being exiled from Gorilla City (yes, the DC Universe features an entire city of talking gorillas), he’s one of the many lifeforms who got a power upgrade from the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator going kaboom.

The talking may also be gone, but he’s definitely still psychic. The aforementioned trailer, posted by Entertainment Weekly in an annoyingly non-embeddable form, is mostly a recap of the hints the show’s dropped about Grodd. But a little fiddling with the final shot does give us a better look at the big guy’s face, and the trailer also features Clancy Brown, as General Eiling, muttering about feeling Grodd in his mind. They may be going the cheaper route of having Grodd seize control of various actors and making them the bad guys.

But, hey. We’re still getting the psychic ape. Your move, Marvel.