‘The Flash’ Speeds In A Five-Minute Extended Trailer

The CW’s Flash series looks fairly promising, we have to admit. But the brief teaser was mostly introducing the suit. Good thing there’s a five minute trailer, complete with lots of effects shots and supervillains!

Here’s the trailer, complete with Reverse-Flash, a stubblier Weather Wizard, and the Flash zipping around a lot.

It appears that the same event that gives Barry his fleet feet also gives most of his villains their superpowers. Barring, of course, Reverse-Flash, who’s little more than a CGI cameo in this episode, but has already been cast.

One big relief is that the pilot is heavy with the special effects, and they look quite good for TV. The Flash zipping in and around the obstacles of what’s usually stock footage is a nice touch. Also, the Arrow aesthetic does well for the Flash. It’d be hard to take this costume particularly seriously in live action:

In all, it looks good and we’re hopeful, especially with the nod to Ferris Aircraft hidden in the trailer. We’ll find out how this show works this October.