The Past Returns With Robot Spiders In An Exclusive Preview Of Next Week’s ‘Grayson’

Under the purview of Tim Seeley and Mikel Janin, Dick Grayson, former Nightwing, has used his supposed death to switch careers. Instead of leaping across rooftops as a dashing vigilante, he’s rappelling from helicopters as one of the foremost members of the highly secret Spyral. But Spyral isn’t necessarily on the side of angels, and some of its ghosts are about to make an all-too-deadly appearance.

Grayson was a seemingly odd switch at first: Nightwing might be a good guy and a good detective, but he’s hardly James Bond. That said, though, the switch has turned out to make a surprising amount of sense. After all, he’s used to hiding his identity, ferreting out secret information, and acrobatic fighting… really, he’s got the basics of superspying down pat. What really makes the book work, though, is that after years of being in Batman’s shadow, Dick Grayson is more his own man than he’s ever been. Of course, that means he gets no help fighting giant robot spiders, but hey, a man has to stand on his own two feet.

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To learn some of the darker secrets of Spyral, and to find out if Midnighter will do more good deeds, check out Grayson #14, on stands and available digitally next Wednesday.