‘The View’ Returned Without Meghan McCain, And Viewers Are Digging The Show’s New, Less Shouty Vibes

The View kicked off its 25th season this week, and if you’re wondering how things are going without conservative co-host Meghan McCain: pretty great! Despite her absence, the daytime talk show has continued to trend on social media for its first two episodes. Although, part of that reason can be attributed to McCain. Turns out people are loving that she’s gone and can’t stop tweeting about how much calmer the show is without her.

“Gosh it’s 30 mins into #TheView and I don’t have a headache.. or stomach pains.. or veins popping out.. or have to drink an bottle of [wine] to get through the rest of the show,” one viewer tweeted on Tuesday. “@TheView is great again.. thank goodness..”

“#TheView sounds like a real show,” Twitter user Tammi tweeted. “The vibe is more relaxed. Steve Martin has made an appearance. Life is good.”

As for finding McCain’s replacement, The View is reportedly pumping the brakes on trying to fill her seat at the end of the table. The show has a series of guest hosts lined up while producers search for the right woman for the job. Via PEOPLE:

“This is such an important seat for us to fill at the table so we’re going to ‘take a little time’ to make sure we find the right fit,” [executive producer Brian Teta] said in a statement. “It goes back to Barbara Walters’ original direction – different women with different views. It’s essential that the audience can relate to different points of View at our table.”

In the meantime, the viewers don’t seem to mind that The View hasn’t found a permanent replacement for Meghan yet. As you can tell by the reactions below, they’re just happy that she’s gone.