A TikToker Was In Quite The Pickle After They Accidentally Spent Over $1,700 On Cucumbers At Whole Foods

It’s normal to space out while buying groceries. We’ve all done it: at a certain point, you’re just going through the motions. But have you ever been so out it buying groceries that you accidentally spend over one grand on cucumbers? One TikToker, @rebeccaofsunnybrookfarms, was this person. Inflation, which DJ Pauly D knows all about, has made the simple task of buying groceries a harrowing experience but this TikToker who was not paying attention during checkout accidentally paid $1700 for cucumbers at Whole Foods. Whole Foods is expensive, but not that expensive. Inflation is bad, but not that bad (yet).

The victim (a very generous word) described the incident in a video shared on TikTok with the caption, “definitely always look at the total before checking out, I was bagging my stuff and didn’t notice this 1000 dollar mistake.”

Upon getting to their car, the TikToker realized that they were charged for 593 cucumbers. They were too busy placing their groceries in bags to notice the erroneous charge. The cashier accidentally punched in 593 as the number of cucumbers being purchased, and must have not realized anything was out of the ordinary since the shopper didn’t notice anything, either.

“Whole Foods almost got me,” the TikToker said in their video, which showed the receipt. “I didn’t realize until I was looking at my receipt in the car and I was like, ‘I didn’t buy this much stuff? I didn’t buy 644 items.’ I did get my money back, though.” Over $1700 is an awful lot of money to spend without realizing it. If they never looked at the receipt, would they even know?

Lesson learned: pay attention to how much money you are being charged when you are buying things, even cucumbers. Thought this was obvious, but apparently not.