How Amazon Buying Out Whole Foods Changes The Grocery Game

06.16.17 9 months ago 7 Comments


As you’ve likely heard by now, Amazon has made an enormous bid to be your grocery store. It just bought Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion, which will pair well with the Dash Wand, a gadget you stick to your fridge and yell your grocery order at.

It’s fun to read about, but what does this mean for your day to day? A lot of change, and surprisingly quickly.

Grocery Delivery Is Becoming A Thing

The biggest change is that you can expect your grocery chain to suddenly be intensely interested in delivering your food. Grocery delivery has been a Silicon Valley darling, and one of Amazon’s preoccupations, for a while. And with reason: Grocery shopping is a trillion dollar industry, and a task ripe for “disrupting.” Most of us don’t particularly want to spend an hour going through the aisles of a windowless building listening to the world’s most inoffensive Spotify playlist.

Every grocery store will watch Amazon’s moves closely, and likely imitate them.

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