A Desperate Canadian Hijacked A Bus For A Doomed Trip To Tim Horton’s


If you don’t have a car, it can be difficult for some people to get to their desired destination. Sometimes, public transportation just doesn’t work out. In the cold north of Canada, walking the majority of the way to get a delicious donut (AKA doughnut) just isn’t a possibility. Things can get desperate. One Canadian man did what any normal person would do and hijacked a bus at knifepoint for a trip to Tim Horton’s wanted a donut bad enough that he got on a bus, pulled out a knife to the horror of the other passengers, then had the driver take him through red lights and to the nearest Tim Horton’s. It’s unconfirmed whether he had the triple chocolate donut and a coffee. The police were waiting for the passionate lover of novelty donuts when he finally arrived with the bus driver “shaken,” but thankfully, no one was hurt.

We get it, unnamed and violent man – you wanted a unique snack that only Tim Horton’s can provide, but terrorizing a group of people in your quest for tastiness is not cool. We all know that knives are for cutting up the variety of pastries Tim Horton’s provides into small samples, so as not to overdose on flavor.

(via Mashable)