Classy Guy Donald Trump Shilled For His Own Brand Of Water While Visiting Ohio Derailment Site

In a typically brazen move, Donald Trump visited East Palestine, Ohio, which nearly three weeks ago was the site of a train derailment that blanketed the area in toxic chemicals. Not only was it terrifying, it was also avoidable: Early in his lone term, Trump himself undid federal safety measures meant to avert similar disasters. The right has played mock-concerned over the incident. Had he any shame, Trump would have stayed far away. Instead he held a cynical event there. That’s not all: He also shilled for one of his bozo products.

“What this community needs now are not excuses… but answers and results,” Trump told the crowd about an accident that wouldn’t have happened had his administration not zapped his predecessor’s work. He also trashed Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, whose due in the area the following day, saying he “should’ve been here already.”

Trump also had a surprise: “thousands of bottle of water —Trump water, actually. Most of it. Some of it, we had to go to a much lesser quality water.”

Trump has a long, long history of failed products, from Trump Steaks to Trump University to Trump Shuttle to Trump: The Game. Trump Ice is one of them, having been discontinued in 2010. Did he have a stash of them somewhere in Mar-a-Lago? Was he really giving the residents of an area hit with an airborne toxic event old spring water? If so, then they might have the same reaction as Sylvester Stallone.

The Biden administration put out a statement on Wednesday pinning the blame for the catastrophe on the Trump team. Naturally when asked about it, Trump pinned the blame elsewhere, claiming he “had nothing to do with it.”

(Via The Daily Beast)