Jon Stewart Unloaded On ‘Motherf*ckers’ Like Tucker Carlson Who ‘Play Act’ Concern For The Ohio Train Disaster

Jon Stewart is not having Tucker Carlson‘s faux-outrage over the Ohio train disaster. The former Daily Show host unloaded on Carlson for pretending to be concerned with the working class while repeatedly championing Republican initiatives that lead to environmental catastrophes like the one unfolding in East Palestine.

“I’m so annoyed at, you know, you’ve got some of these like very on the Right populist figures talking about how we’ve gotta fix this,” Stewart said on Wednesday’s episode of The Problem with Jon Stewart podcast. “Meanwhile, these are the motherf*ckers that would never spend money on infrastructure that always shoot those budgets down, that make it impossible for any government to regulate anything.”

Stewart also put recently-elected Ohio Senator J.D. Vance on blast for acting like Republican legislation isn’t directly responsible for the train derailment.

“Man, they get up on that high horse,” Stewart ranted. “Well, you know what caused it in the first place? Your f*cking policies. Man, that drives me nuts.”

Via Mediaite:

“He and and Tucker go on and they play act. They play act this concern for working people and populism. Meanwhile, everything that they put in place politically in their infrastructure is against regulatory improvements and help for working class people. It’s baloney,” Stewart said.

The Ohio train disaster hits perfectly close to home for Stewart, who has spent years fighting for veterans to get necessary health care after being exposed to toxic burn pits overseas. Now, that very same issue is unfolding on American soil, and Stewart is clearly showing he’s up for another fight.

(Via Mediaite)