Don Jr. Has Been Reduced To Hawking Steaks From A MAGA-Friendly Company Whose Better Business Bureau Accreditation Has Been Revoked

Things aren’t so hot for the Trump family right now. The Jan. 6 hearings began late last week, and they were a ratings bonanza, with plenty of bombshells. Then there’s the New York State investigation, which will find the big guy himself actually sitting down for a deposition. His oldest son, Don Jr., is also partaking in that, but in the meantime, he’s out there doing something his old man used to do, and not well: try and sell some steaks.

A video recently made the rounds of Don Jr. standing in front of a grill, rhapsodizing about Good Ranchers, a MAGA-friendly mail-order meat company. “They’re one of the only companies out there selling 100% American meat to your door 100% of the time,” he said — whatever that means. For Father’s Day, the prolific video ranter was offering supporters a Father’s Day deal, in which you can score two 18 oz. ribeyes with a special code, which of course is “MAGAKING.”

Don Jr. isn’t the only one in the family hawking Good Ranchers steaks. As caught by Salon, his fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle released a similar video last month.

The Good Ranchers site features endorsements from conservative outlets like The Daily Wire, Blaze Media, as well as Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens. One small matter: Late last year, the company’s accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, the non-profit that focuses on marketing trust, was revoked, citing failures to, among other things, address complaints “quickly and in good faith.”

Was it wise for Don Jr. to get into the steak business? After all, it can only serve to remind people that his father not only prefers his steaks in the most gross way possible, but about one of many, many failed business ventures. That would be Trump Steaks, which was sold “exclusively” through Sharper Image and QVC. It lasted two months, quite a bit shorter than Tour de Trump (two years), Trump Shuttle (about three) and Trump University (about seven). Maybe Don Jr.’s next trick can be re-re-releasing Trump: The Game.