Joe Scarborough Is Pretty Sure That Trump’s People ‘Know He’s Busted’ After Bragging On Tape About Classified Docs

The audio recording of Donald Trump bragging about having classified documents has been a major sign that special counsel investigation into the former president is sitting on some serious evidence. According to Joe Scarborough, his sources in Trump world seemed to be noticeably freaking out last week, and the Morning Joe host is convinced it’s because Trump’s people knew the tape was about to be released.

“He can call it witch hunt all he wants, but they’ve got him dead to right on intent, on stealing the documents,” Scarborough said on Friday morning before sharing what he’s been hearing from his sources.

Via Raw Story:

“It is so interesting, you’re hearing that reporting, because I started hearing that a week ago, that despite the bravado, Trump himself and people close to Trump are really, really concerned about the documents case,” Scarborough said, “and they understand that he’s busted.”

“I’m wondering if this tape had something to do with that,” Scarborough added. “People who have been whistling past the graveyard the last five, six, seven years, there’s been a change around Trump’s people, and they know he is busted. Even Trump is deeply concerned about this.”

Scarborough’s hunch is likely correct. Hours after Morning Joe aired, CNN reported that Trump’s lawyers can’t find the classified documents pertaining to an attack on Iran that the former president bragged about in the recording. In other words, those documents are in the wind and not in the possession of the Department of Justice, which does not bode well for Trump’s case.

(Via Raw Story)