Trump Is Freaking Out Like A Cornered Rat Over All The Right Wing Media Knives That Are Out For Him After MAGA’s Disastrous Midterms Performance

Do you know what screams “completely unbothered?” When a twice-impeached former president whose favored candidates largely tanked in the most recent midterm elections takes to his own failing social media platform to assure his fans he’s totally not mad and actually a “stable genius.”

Donald Trump is making headlines for yet another public meltdown following the GOP’s less-than-stellar performance in the 2022 Midterms. As results poured in earlier this week, plenty of news outlets reported that the Donald was spitting mad over how some of the MAGA-backed campaigns performed, blaming the “liberal media” and even his own wife, Melania, for his poor choices in which hopefuls he backed this year. But Trump — who seems completely hinged and not at all like he’s about to start hurling ketchup at the walls of Mar-a-Lago — took to Truth Social today to dispute those accounts.

In fact, despite a bunch of his buddies losing badly and the predicted “red wave” failing to make the “big,” “huge,” “tremendous” impact he hoped, Trump is zen, baby. He’s an Aperol spritz slowly condensating in the warm Italian sun. He two glasses of red wine into the latest Lindsay Lohan Christmas movie. His brain is practically floating in a salt deprivation tank.

We’ll let him tell it.

Ah yes, the old “I’m going to launch a series of posts ranting about what a ‘stable genius’ I am to prove that I haven’t completely lost the plot because my GOP buddies are turning on me and Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has tossed me out like yesterday’s garbage.” Works every time.

(Via Rolling Stone)