Trump Reportedly Spent The First Anniversary Of Jan. 6 ‘Fuming’ To Anyone Who Would Listen Over The Tongue-Lashing He Received From Joe Biden

Last week marked the one-year anniversary of the day violent Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, whipped up on voter fraud lies the former president had just fed them. Trump himself was supposed to deliver some vague press conference from the resort he now lives in. He wound up cancelling it at the last minute. Instead, he watched as his successor, Joe Biden, tore him a new one, unambiguously blaming him for the horrors of Jan. 6, 2021. Afterwards, Trump put out one of his unhinged glorified press releases. But a new report from Newsweek claims he was even angrier than he let on.

Sources told Newsweek that as Trump watched Biden give him a tongue-lashing (without ever uttering his name), Trump was “fuming.” He wasn’t surprised that Biden directly held him responsible for the unrest, including five deaths (among them supporter Ashlii Babbit, whom Trump and cronies have tried to paint as a martyr).

“He expected Biden and the media to savage him on the anniversary,” Newsweek’s Bill Powell writes. “Not because he deserved it–close friends and political allies of the former president all say he still angrily rejects any culpability for the January 6 riot—but because, as he told one friend, ‘it’s all they’ve got.'”

Trump, a source said, told one person that the Democrats “can’t talk about anything else because the guy [Biden] is such a disaster.”

Trump reportedly didn’t watch the full speech. He took some calls, even ate lunch. But, a source says, “he watched most of it—and was furious.”

(Via Newsweek)