Even Fox News Says The Unsealed Trump Indictment Is ‘Extremely Damning’ And ‘Overwhelming’

With the federal indictment against Donald Trump now unsealed, even Fox News is stunned by the “overwhelming” amount of detail contained in the 44-page document. Along with photographic evidence of classified documents stored in a bathroom, the former president is also caught on tape admitting he had top secret intel pertaining to a military operation and confirming that it’s not declassified while showing it to an individual without a security clearance.

Fox News legal commentator Jonathan Turley did not hold back his thoughts on the “damning indictment” and praised the special counsel for making a clear cut case against the former president.

“You know, there are indictments that are sometimes called narrative or speaking indictments. These are indictments that are really meant to make a point as to the depth of the evidence. There are some indictments that are just bare bones — this is not,” Turley said. “The special counsel knew that there would be a lot of people who were going to allege that the Department of Justice was acting in a biased or politically motivated way.”

According to Turley, the Trump indictment is a “heart stopper” that has a staggering amount of witnesses on the record. Via Mediaite:

It’s overwhelming in details. And, you know, the Trump team should not fool itself, these are hits below the waterline. These are witnesses who apparently testified under oath, gave statements to federal investigators, both of which can be criminally charged if they’re false. Those witnesses are directly quoting the president in encouraging others not to look for documents or allegedly to conceal them. It’s damaging.

Turley ended his thoughts by noting that the testimony from Trump’s own lawyers is particularly “interesting,” and bad news for Trump’s case.

“This indictment talks about these conversations with various lawyers who are not identified by name,” Turley said. “You can see how the government succeeded in forcing these lawyers to appear in the grand jury, because these are statements that would go directly to allegations of an effort to conceal.”

(Via Mediaite)