Trump’s Bucketload Of Legal Woes Somehow Gives Him ‘Credibility,’ Says A MAGA Lawmaker

Donald Trump sure is in a whole mess of trouble. Since leaving the White House in disgrace — and no longer having protection the office afforded him — the former president has been hit with one lawsuit after another. So far he’s become the first U.S. president ever indicted on criminal charges and been found guilty of defamation and sexual misconduct. And that’s just the start. None of this has damaged his reputation with Republican voters. Quite the contrary. Indeed, one GOP lawmaker thinks all these legal woes make him a stronger candidate, if anything.

As per Rolling Stone, on Sunday Colorado representative Ken Buck — who tried to block Joe Biden’s certification, was against COVID-19 restrictions, thinks abortion should be mostly banned, among other MAGA positions — went on CNN’s State of the Union. Host Dana Bash asked if being the subject of multiple criminal investigations makes him a dodgy candidate.

“You know, it’s interesting,” Buck replied. “I think that the multiple investigations and civil lawsuits that have been brought almost give this presidential candidate and former president credibility. He keeps saying that the world is against him because he’s trying to make these changes.”

Bash tried to be diplomatic, saying, “I know what you’re saying, it gives him credibility maybe with some of the electorate but for you, Ken Buck, does it give him credibility to you?”

Buck responded vaguely, saying, “I was in the House when he was president. I voted on his bills. I voted against his bills sometimes, his budgets and whatnot. So I have seen him personally. I don’t look at the actions that he has taken that are being investigated as much as his role as former president and what his policies were.”

Buck’s position isn’t rare among the GOP electorate. According to Rolling Stone, seven in ten Republican voters stand by Trump, even as the majority of Americans believe the investigations into his actions are “fair.” Fun times.

(Via Rolling Stone)