Trump Has Been Found Liable For Sexually Abusing E. Jean Carroll And People Can’t Believe He’s Still The Top Republican Nominee

Donald Trump has been found liable for sexually abusing and defaming E. Jean Carroll. The former president had been accused of sexually assaulting Carroll, and it did not take long for a jury to deliberate after Trump delivered a jarring deposition where he doubled down on his infamous Access Hollywood remarks about grabbing women “by the p*ssy.” Trump also repeatedly attacked the judge and Carroll on social media, which clearly did not help his case.

According to The New York Times, a jury found that Trump sexually abused Carroll, but did not rape her because the assault allegedly did not involve intercourse. The jury also found that Trump defamed her by calling her accusations false. Predictably the former president has already lashed out on Truth Social.

“I have absolutely no idea who this woman is,” Trump wrote. “This verdict is a disgrace — a continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time!”

Trump’s campaign was also quick to put out a statement.

“In jurisdictions wholly controlled by the Democratic Party our nation’s justice system is now compromised by extremist left-wing politics. We have allowed false and totally made-up claims from troubled individuals to interfere with our elections, doing great damage.”

The campaign added: “This case will be appealed, and we will ultimately win.”

Speaking of Trump’s campaign, his 2024 presidential aspirations are now further staining the Republican Party. As Twitter users reacted to the verdict, there was widespread disgust at the fact that Trump still remains the frontrunner to secure the GOP nomination. Granted, it’s too early to tell whether the verdict will boost potential challenger Ron DeSantis, but at the moment, Trump is still the head of the party.

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via The New York Times)