Trump Celebrated The New Year By Delivering An ‘Inspiring’ Rant About How America Is A ‘Third World Country’

How did you ring in the new year? Did you drink too much? Not enough? If you spent it delivering a depressing rant about how you think America is a “third world country,” then congrats: You might be Donald J. Trump.

The former president bid farewell to 2022 at the resort in which he now lives, addressing a crowd of hundreds with one of his doom-and-gloom rants about how awful the country is without him lording over it.

We’re watching a war waging, we’re watching nuclear weapons talked about all the time, we’re watching inflation going through the roof,” Trump bellowed. “All of these things that we’re watching and so unnecessary, and so sad to see. Now we have airports where people can’t fly,” referencing the holiday storms that he presumably blames on his successor.

“It’s sad when people can’t come from New York to Florida, we’re like a third world country,” he told the crowd.
Trump didn’t contain his bleak-o-rama rants to Mar-a-Lago. On Monday, he took to his rinky-dink Twitter clone to complain about the border and then NATO.

Our Southern Border is far beyond HORRIBLE. There is no Country in the World that has such atrocious, unsafe, and disgusting conditions at their Border. We are worse than any Third World Nation! Just think, two years ago we had the safest and most stable Border in U.S. history. Criminals and Drugs entering our once great Country were at a decades low… And now, our beautiful USA is being poisoned from within, a Nation in DECLINE. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and Fast!

When I was President I made Member Nations pay up all of the money they weren’t paying to NATO. The U.S. was footing almost the entire NATO bill, and I quickly put a stop to that. Hundreds of billions of Dollars were then rapidly paid by those “delinquent” nations. The Secretary General of NATO said it was AMAZING what President Trump had done. Thank you, but here we go again! The good old USA “suckers” are paying a VAST majority of the NATO bill, & outside money, going to Ukraine. VERY UNFAIR!

Ever since leaving office in disgrace — and often when he was still in there — Trump has always been Captain Bringdown, doing little but painting a dire and largely fictitious portrait of the world, then offering himself as humankind’s only hope. Given that his own party seems to be abandoning him in droves, it might not work this time, just as it didn’t work in 2020.

(Via Newsweek and Mediaite)