Trump Is Reportedly Losing His Sh*t Over ‘Humiliating’ Midterms: He’s ‘Livid’ And ‘Screaming At Everyone’

Despite months of giddily prepping for a “red wave” during yesterday’s midterm elections, a Republican triumph failed to materialize, and many people are already blaming Donald Trump and the immense baggage he brings with him for the devastating blow. But, as CNN’s Jim Acosta reports, the former president isn’t about to take the blame — despite the fact that many of this latest election’s losers were cherry-picked by Trump himself (and typically election deniers).

Acosta took to Twitter to share snippets of his conversation with an unnamed Trump advisor, who told the CNN anchor that “Trump is livid” and “screaming at everyone” over the results of the midterm elections. While many of the candidates who lost their bids were specifically Trump-approved, the same adviser is now claiming that the reason for their losses is that “they were all bad candidates” and also, brilliantly, that “Candidates matter.”

No sh*t!

While any logical person — especially one with an ego the size of Trump’s — might want to press pause and take the temperature of the country before forging ahead with another presidential campaign for 2024, Trump is not a logical person. He acts on impulse and will do whatever he believes is least embarrassing to him personally. And in this case, as Acosta learned, that apparently means barreling forward with what many suspect will be his official announcement that he’s running for president again, which is set to happen on November 15th.

According to the same adviser, delaying the expected announcement would be “too humiliating” for Trump. Though some would say that losing the presidency for a second time in a row would be even more humiliating. But since when has Trump ever looked that far ahead?

As Mediaite notes, Trump isn’t likely to be any happier when he learns that someone within his inside circle is sharing intel with Acosta, with whom he regularly sparred while in office. At one point in 2018, The White House suspended Acosta’s press badge, though a federal judge quickly ruled that it must be reinstated.

(Via Mediaite)