The Trump Team Was So Petty While Leaving The White House They Even Left Biden With A Broken Air Conditioner

As you may recall, the transition from the Trump administration to Biden was not exactly smooth. Not only did the former deny that he lost re-election — a tall tale he’s continued to spread, nearly two years later — but he even compelled his violent supporters to storm the Capitol building. Trump eventually agreed to at least leave the White House quietly, but according to yet another scandalous tell-all, he and his team made sure to do so in the most petty way possible.

This comes from New York Times reporter (and, as per Trump, his “psychiatrist”) Maggie Haberman and her new book Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America, in an excerpt acquired by Politico. As they were reluctantly vacating 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Trump officials went out of their way to create “headaches small and large” for their successors. Among those was ensuring they were delayed in getting messages from the Pentagon, refusing to grant them access to a computer that would allow them to start on the president’s budget, even blocking them from getting their first COVID-19 vaccine shots.

But one move was more even more childish than the others. When the Biden team entered the White House, they found an air conditioning unit had been stuffed with photos of Hunter Biden, the president’s troubled son, leaving it broken.

Confidence Man is teeming with new and disturbing/embarrassing dirt on Trump. Among the other revelations are that he mainly became president to meet more rich people and that he loved to brag about how he refused to use the same toilet as his predecessor, Barack Obama.

(Via Politico)