Tubi Succeeded At Making So Many People Scream At Their TVs During Their Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl LVII must have pleased Paul Rudd to no end. Beyond the game itself, though, Rihanna used the halftime show to drop (confirmed) word of her second pregnancy, and Marjorie Taylor Greene seized the opportunity to receive an earful about Chris Stapleton’s “wokeness.” Oh, and King Twitter Elon Musk sat next to no one surprising, but late in the game, a jump-scare did develop.

That would be a Tubi ^^ ad spot, which legit scared the bejesus out of me because I was already feeling frustrated with my streaming experience over the evening. I thought something was acting up (again) and began to curse out loud. Little did I realize that the “channel changing” effect was a troll job from Tubi. As it turns out, I was far from alone in briefly freaking out. People thought that they (or someone else in the room) might have been sitting on the remote control, which feels like evidence of a brilliant (yet evil) ad. On YouTube, Tubi anticipated this development with their caption: “No, you didn’t sit on the remote. But on Super Bowl Sunday, we fooled audiences into thinking they did.”

People were not pleased. Right out of the gate, Twitter users were irked. One user declared, “Aye man that tubi commercial just pissed me off I almost broke my tv.” Another joked (?) about wanting Tubi “arrested.”

A favorite thus far: “nobody has ever f*cked with me as hard as that tubi ad.”

From there, the mentions of people having “yelled” and/or “screamed” at their TVs began. Super Bowl feelings are intense, man.

Go Birds? Only kidding. Sorry, Birds.