Oh Great, Tucker Carlson And Elon Musk Have Met Up To Discuss Teaming Up

Good news: Fox News shocked the world by firing Tucker Carlson. Bad news: That doesn’t mean Balrog is done for. Though the news network could very well keep their former biggest star off any airwaves until January 2025, reports are that Carlson is “preparing for war” to get back his “freedom.” He’s even allegedly met up with another disruptor who’s made it his business to relentlessly and tirelessly/tiresomely make news.

A new report from Axios details Carlson’s attempts to strike back at his old bosses and get back in the game. One option: teaming up with Twitter’s current honcho. Buried in the report (as caught by The Daily Beast) is word that Tucker met up with Elon Musk about potentially working together. No details are known about what they discussed, if they planned to take further steps, etc. But given Musk’s love of trolling and his ever-rightward turn, it’s not exactly promising news.

In the report, a “close Carlson friend” said that while the ex-Fox News star was initially planning a “quiet and clean” revenge, he’s now going “from peacetime to Defcon 1.” What that means exactly is anyone’s guess, though if he takes the advice of Megyn Kelly, it may involve dragging their butts to court. But then, Fox News should be used to lawsuits by now.

(Via Axios and The Daily Beast)