Tucker Carlson Has Found ‘The Biggest Story There Is’: Humans Going Extinct Due To Lowered Sperm Counts Caused By Smoking Weed

“Demon sperm” doctor defender Tucker Carlson has found “the biggest story there is.” It’s the ultimate case of cancel culture, the Fox News host’s favorite topic of late: the entire human race being canceled. “So, we spent the last year hearing about a health crisis, a pandemic, but there are a lot health crisis,” he said during Monday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight. “This may be the biggest one: falling testosterone levels, which have completely reshaped our society, and falling sperm counts which may make it impossible to continue the human race. Why is this happening? Probably because of chemicals in our environment.” Carlson quoted a study that said sperm counts have dropped 59 percent between 1973 and 2011. “At this pace sperm counts will reach zero by 2045,” he added. “No one talks about this. Everybody should be.”

Everyone should be talking about climate change, too, but that’s apparently “systemic racism in the sky” invented by the democrats, so sperm it is! At least it’s better than ranting about Potato Head or spreading “insanely obvious” lies about the Texas blackout, but naturally, things quickly devolved into… anti-pot propaganda?

Carlson welcomed Marc Siegel, the Fox News doctor who spread false theories about the coronavirus, to the show. “I’m actually more concerned about something right now, Tucker, that also involves falling sperm counts. And that’s lockdown libido,” he said. That’s as obnoxious as people who say “horizontal mambo” instead of “sex,” but go on:

“Lockdown libido occurs when everybody is shut down for too long. You know what they do? They gain weight. They get obese. You know what obesity does? Drives down testosterone and sperm counts. You drink more alcohol. You know what alcohol does? It makes estrogen out of testosterone, your sperm counts drop. Smoking cigarettes, which everyone is doing more and more. Smoking cigarettes drives down sperm counts. Vaping.”

But the biggest culprit of all: “Smoking marijuana. Drives down sperm count. So you’re at home, you’re not even looking at your loved one because despair, the depression has replaced romance. There’s gonna be no baby bump coming out of this pandemic.” A 2019 study from the Fertility Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital determined that “there was no significant difference in sperm concentrations between current and former marijuana smokers,” while research conducted by Harvard found that men who have smoked pot at some point in their life actually had “significantly higher concentrations of sperm” than those who haven’t. Seth Rogen can breathe a sigh of relief.

You can watch the Tucker Carlson Tonight segment here.

(Via the Wrap)