Seth Meyers Takes Aim At Tucker Carlson Over His ‘Insanely Obvious’ Lies About The Texas Blackout

Last week’s freak winter storm exposed significant weaknesses in Texas’ infrastructure as millions were left stranded for days without electricity and water. The main culprit was frozen equipment as natural gas turbines locked up from the cold. But instead of addressing the issues with Texas deregulated utilities, which are notably not connected to the federal power grid because Texas, Republicans have been blaming Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal, which as Seth Meyers points out, is insane because the Green New Deal isn’t a thing yet. It’s literally just a list of policy initiatives that not even the Democrats agree on.

During his “A Closer Look” segment on Late Night, Meyers hammered Fox News host Tucker Carlson who trotted out the usual right-wing lies that windmills and AOC are to blame for Texas’ power woes. There’s just one small problem with blaming windmills. Texas predominantly uses natural gas and coal. “Which, of course it does, it’s Texas!” Meyers said. “They used to have a football team called the Houston Oilers, not the Houston Solar Panels.”

The Late Night host then turned his attention to Carlson’s attacks on AOC and the Green New Deal. Via Yahoo:

“And I’m sorry that I have to say this because it’s, you know, insanely obvious,” he continued, “but the Green New Deal is not a thing that exists in Texas or at the national level. This is like blaming your problems on Avatar 2. It’s not out yet!”

After returning to the fact that renewable energy only makes up seven percent of Texas power, Meyers dropped one final burn: “Kind of like how you can only believe about 7 percent of what you see on Fox News.”