Tucker Carlson’s Leaked Texts Reveal Him Ruthlessly Mocking Rudy Giuliani For His Gross, Leaky Head

When Rudy Giuliani’s head began leaking goo in the middle of a heated press conference on November 19, 2020 — just days after pal Donald Trump lost his presidential reelection bid — millions of people laughed. And pointed. And mocked. (Trump included.) And there’s nothing wrong with that because, truly, it was hard not to. Unless you are Tucker Carlson.

At the same time the media was reporting on the absolute hilarity of Rudy’s leaky brain, the sanctimonious (there’s a word Trump should try and work into a nickname for someone) Fox News host was busy pretending to be above all that. And a Trump supporter. As it turns out, neither of those things were true. As Insider reports, the recent cache of unsealed evidence in Dominion’s $1.6 billion defamation suit against Fox News brought several once-private communications between Carlson and his inner circle to light, and revealed that he was roasting Rudy harder than Seth Meyers does on any given night.

While the actual press conference was happening, Carlson was texting with his executive producer, Justin Wells, who described the bizarre incident as “so desperate and deranged at the same time.” Carlson, total cut-up that he is, replied with an image of sad, leaky Rudy and the line: “My mind is blown.”

“No one cares that Rudy was melting away at 1 pm,” Wells texted. “Thought it is sad and somewhat hilarious at the same time.” Ultimately, according to Insider, Fox News opted to forgo any coverage of the press conference.

Of course, pointing out that Rudy looked like an unhinged buffoon was nothing compared to some of the juicier things we learned about Carlson — including how he “couldn’t wait” until he no longer had to cover Trump on a daily basis and how he hated the then-president “passionately.”

(Via Insider)