Someone On The Trump Social Team Apparently Left Their Audio On During a YouTube Stream, And It Caught Him Mocking Rudy’s Melting Hair Dye

After the embarrassing debacle at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, you’d just assume there’s no way that Rudy Giuliani can top delivering a press conference while standing next to a crematorium and a sex shop. But he sure gave it his best effort on Thursday when his hair dye started streaking down his face as he launched into another rambling attempt to prove that Donald Trump is the actual winner of the 2020 election. (He’s not.) To add insult to injury, journalist Oliver Willis apparently caught someone from the president’s social media team mocking Giuliani after accidentally leaving their audio on during a livestream on the president’s official YouTube channel.

In the clip Willis shared on Twitter, you can hear two voices laughing as one of them says, “Did you see f*cking Rudy’s hair dye dripping down his face?” and it’s clear as day.

After the press conference ended, the livestream was quickly pulled from Trump’s YouTube channel, but others chimed into Willis’ replies to let them know they caught the embarrassing moment, too.

On top of the dripping hair dye, which has already launched an avalanche of jokes on social media, Giuliani is also getting roasted for attempting to do a Joe Pesci impression while making a random My Cousin Vinny reference during the press conference. With legal maneuvers like this, it’s no wonder that Rudy is reportedly getting paid $20,000 per day by the president’s campaign. The guy knows how to get results if the results you’re looking for are a never-ending parade of humiliating viral clips. He’s clearly a master at it.

(Via Oliver Willis on Twitter)