Rudy Giuliani’s Hair Dye Started Running Down His Face Mid-Press Conference, And The Internet Had Jokes About His Literal Meltdown

Meltdown King Rudy Giuliani — whose recent hits include shouting on Fox Business over his Borat 2 scene and the Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle, where he addressed the press while sandwiched in between a sex shop and a crematorium — is getting “it” done again. This time, he not only doled out the type of bonkers press conference that people expect, but Rudy added a few extra touches. While he reiterated the voter-fraud conspiracy theories that Donald Trump has fashioned into his daily Twitter bread-and-butter, the audience also received a My Cousin Vinny reference and something else that feels unintentional, but you never really know with this crowd?

Rudy (who can often be seen dabbing at himself with a handkerchief) started losing his hair dye in the middle of the press conference. It began to run down his face in a comical fashion. It was surreal.

It was also horrific and comical and, well, everything that one would expect from the general counsel of a president who keeps falsely insisting that he won the election.

This led to plenty of jokes, including some obligatory Wizard Of Oz mentions and others that feel on-point for whatever Rudy was attempting to accomplish.

What a mess. Well, at least this tweet’s prediction didn’t happen?