Twitter Deleted A Don Jr. Tweet That Dragged Vololdymyr Zelensky With A Hunter Biden Nude Pic

Twitter under its new owner Elon Musk has been mostly going after progressives, or at people who aren’t far right. But on Thursday Musk changed things up. The social media platform deleted a post by no less than Don Jr., who had dropped one of his questionable joke tweets, this time about Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. Ordinarily that would have been fine, but this one crossed the line: It featured a Hunter Biden nude.

As per The Washington Examiner, Don Jr., one of many on the right mad at Zelensky, had posted an image of him addressing Congress, which he did to raucous applause from, well, almost all lawmakers. But Jr. had added something to it: A nude pic of the president’s son standing next to him, minus clothes.

The tweet was taken down, though Twitter brass did not make public which rule it had violated. It likely violated the platform’s law against posting “intimate photos or videos of someone that were produced or distributed without their consent.”

The post was a likely nod to Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine, which prompted Jr.’s dad, during his sole term in the White House, to pressure Zelensky to dig up dirt for him in a quid pro quo deal. Zelensky refused, Trump was later impeached for the attempted blackmail, which made him even angrier, and which led the right to turn Biden’s son into an unlikely bête noir.

Musk-era Twitter wasn’t the only regime that had to deal with the far right posting Hunter nudes. The first wave of Musk’s nothingburger “Twitter Files” dumps wound up mostly being about how the service kept deleting conservatives publishing naked images of Hunter, because they contained naked images.

Anyway, it takes one failson to recognize another.

(Via Washington Examiner)