Why Did DC Delay “Batwoman #1” Again?

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03.11.11 2 Comments

“Batwoman” has been supposedly on the cusp of being released for, literally, years. Introduced in “52”, she keeps getting stiffed: she was the lead in “Detective” for a year, she was supposed to join the Justice League and then that fell apart, and she was supposed to get her ongoing years ago, and that never happened because DC was worried that Fox News would run with the “Batwoman is a lesbian” thing and “The Dark Knight” would only make $300 million in the US instead of $400 million, because the senior citizens who watch Fox News obviously make a major moviegoing demographic (not).

Which is too bad, since Greg Rucka obviously loves the character, but, as we all know, he quit DC because, among other things, they wouldn’t release “Batwoman”. J.H. Williams was going to take over the ongoing, which was going to start in April, aaaaaaand now it’s delayed indefinitely.

What’s going on here? I can offer only guesses, but I’d say without Rucka, DC doesn’t want the controversy. DC has a tendency to reboot characters to insert diversity, with wildly inconsistent results. So, if they launch a book with a gay character, they probably think they’re screwed: if it sells, the anti-gay contingent will scream about America’s compromised morals and write nasty letters, and if it bombs, they’ll never hear the end of it.

Personally? Come on guys. Pull the damn trigger. If you can put out crap like “Trinity”, Batwoman deserves her shot.

[ via the Jewish lesbian ninjas at The Mary Sue ]

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