Ranking WWE’s 12 Greatest Hardcore Champions On The 12th Anniversary Of Its Death

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Pro wrestling is a serious art form.


Pro wrestling is a serious art form.

5. Crash Holly (22 title reigns, 108 total days)

Like Al Snow, Crash realized just how crazy the hardcore division was and ran with it.  I mean, if you have to get in the ball pit with the Headbangers, then by God, you better commit to it.  Crash truly was the personification of how gloriously silly a wrestling segment could be.  Unfortunately, he passed away in November of 2003.



4. Mick Foley (One title reign, 28 total days)

Mrs. Foley’s baby boy only has one Hardcore Championship reign to his name, but remember – he was the first.  What started out as a condescending joke at Mankind’s expense turned into a legitimate title.  Well, “legitimate” in the sense that people would resort to elaborate golf cart chases in pursuit of it, but you get my meaning.  For his initial contribution, he gets this spot.  Respect the legends.



3. Rob Van Dam (Four title reigns, 134 total days)

By way of his unification victory over Tommy Dreamer, Van Dam is officially recognized as the final WWE Hardcore Champion.  And luckily, it happened at a time when we were still getting peak RVD.  None of this stuff where he’s three degrees of rotation from breaking his neck on Rolling Thunder, thank goodness.  This was Van Dam at his best, punctuated with some killer ladder matches.



2. Steve Blackman (Six title reigns, 172 total days)

THE LETHAL WEAPON.  Blackman’s 172 days as champion are the most of anyone out there.  In the chaotic world of the WWE’s hardcore division, he was a fixed point.  Plus, no one could wield a kendo stick like he could.  He made it look like… well, like actual kendo.



1. Raven (27 title reigns, 94 total days)

Hailing from The Bowery, the grungy messiah known as Raven belongs in any discussion about the WWE Hardcore title.  His 27 reigns are a record – not just for the Hardcore championship, but for ALL of the WWE’s titles.  As the eternal outsider, Raven WAS the hardcore division.  He’s violent, charismatic, and a true veteran – he turns 50 next month and he’ll still be out there wrestling.  Was there ever a better hardcore champion?  Nevermore.

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