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Anthony Bourdain’s Takedown Of EDM Is A Thing To WOMP WOMP WOMP


Anthony Bourdain is not afraid to share his feelings about EDM.

live music

Future Moved That Dope With Pusha T And The Roots On ‘Fallon’


"Move That Dope" becomes "Move That Dough on "The Tonight Show."


The Chicago Cubs Got Cake Boss To Make Them A Sadness Cake


Cake Boss and the Chicago Cubs made a Wrigley Field birthday cake that also kinda celebrates 100 years of the Cubs losing.


Stephen Colbert Hails HYDRA. This Conspiracy Runs So Deep.


We had fun with the Hail HYDRA meme, but now it's as serious as a bear attack. Stephen Colbert may be an agent of HYDRA.


Watch Two British Comics Mock ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ With Hysterical, Dueling Michael Caine Impressions

By | 4 Comments

In a clip from 'The Trip to Italy,' Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon asses 'The Dark Knight Rises' with impressions of Michael Cane and Bane.


A Remake-Producing Virus Has Infected ‘Cabin Fever’

By | 7 Comments

'Cabin Fever' is going to be remade. For some reason.

Bundy Ranch

Does This New York Times Article Reveal That Embattled Rancher Cliven Bundy Might Be A Racist?

By | 22 Comments

If you read this excerpt from The New York Times, you might find that everyone's heroic rancher is actually spewing some awful hate.

Pepper With Power

Alton Brown Provides More Power To An Average Pepper Mill With This Helpful Life Hack


Alton Brown returns with another amazing life hack that will give your grilling a little more power this Spring.


The FCC Has Changed Its Stance On Net Neutrality And It May Spell Doom For The Internet As We Know It

By | 19 Comments

The FCC effectively killed net neutrality and your ability to Internet properly in the future.


Check Out This Dog Pull Off The Greatest Fake Out In Canine History

By | 5 Comments

This video begins as one of the more depressing clips you'll see today, but soon turns the tables and becomes completely awesome.


Meg Ryan Is Your New Bob Saget In ‘How I Met Your Dad’

By | 9 Comments

'How I Met Your Dad' has found its version of Bob Saget.


Gwen Stefani Is In Talks To Replace Christina Aguilera On ‘The Voice’

By | 10 Comments

Now that Christina Aguilera is pregnant with her second child, NBC has turned to Gwen Stefani as a possible replacement for 'The Voice.'


It’s An Absolute Miracle That This Old Man Wasn’t Hit By A Train

By | 7 Comments

This video of a 77-year old Czech man narrowly (and cluelessly) escaping the path of a train is downright amazing.


What Joke Could Have Possibly Made This Weatherman Laugh So Hard?

By | 11 Comments

Buffalo weatherman Andy Parker couldn't keep it together during yesterday morning's forecast, as someone had him cracking up.


Bryan Cranston Reveals The ‘Breaking Bad’ Moment That Grossed Him Out The Most

By | 8 Comments

During a Tribeca Film Festival panel Bryan Cranston revealed a scene from 'Breaking Bad' that was almost too much even for him to take.


‘Cockmasters’ Is A Perfect Parody Of An ’80s Action Figure Commercial (With Lots Of Phallic Weapons)

By | 2 Comments

Only you and the Cockmasters can save the day by beating off the evil Scrotar and Buzzcock.

Insane restaurant

Check Out These Guytastic Highlights From Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar Menu

By | 19 Comments

Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar has finally descended upon the tackiest place in the world.


Someone Did The Opening Titles Of Forrest Gump In The Style Of Wes Anderson And It’s Kind of Genius

By | 5 Comments

What if Forrest Gump's opening titles had been done by Wes Anderson? That is a question this video tries to answer.

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