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Creative Director

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Editorial Director, Film & Television

Keith Phipps (Email | Twitter)

Managing Editor, Sports

Chris Mottram (Email | Twitter)

Managing Editor, Music

Tom Mantzouranis (Email | Twitter)

Managing Editor, Life

Steve Bramucci (Email | Twitter)

Senior Pop Culture Editor

Josh Kurp (Email | Twitter)

Senior TV Editor

Danger Guerrero (Twitter)

Senior Film Writer

Vince Mancini (Twitter)

Senior Entertainment Writer

Mike Ryan (Twitter)

Senior Sports Editor

Andy Isaac (Twitter)

Pro Wrestling Editor

Brandon Stroud (Twitter | Facebook)

Longform Editor

Ashley Burns (Twitter)

Shareable Features Editor

Jason Tabrys (Twitter)

Senior Sports Writer

Martin Rickman (Twitter)

Smoking Section Editor

John Gotty (Twitter)

NBA Editor

Spencer Lund (Twitter)

Night & Weekend Editor

Andrew Roberts (Twitter)

Geek & Sci-Fi Editor

RoboPanda (Twitter)

Web Culture Senior Writer

Stacey Ritzen (Twitter)

Research Editor

Chloe Schildhause (Twitter)

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Dan Seitz (Twitter)
Dustin Rowles (Email | Twitter)
Jack Winter (Twitter)
Dariel Figueroa (Twitter)

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Jamie Frevele (Twitter)
Kimberly Ricci (Twitter)
Pete Blackburn (Twitter)
Jameson Brown (Twitter)
Michael Depland (Twitter)
Mark Shrayber (Twitter)
Danielle Matheson (Twitter)
Nathan Birch (Twitter)

SEO Manager

Alex Diedrick (Twitter)