The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 8/15/14: Thank You And Chow

By: 08.16.14  •  37 Comments

Worst: An Eva Marie Streak

Eva Marie streak — yuck. I’m not sure what this says about Eva Marie, but that combination of words grosses me out on a deep instinctual level.

Uh, so, why in the f*cking f*ck is AJ Lee being distracted by Paige skipping around the ring? AJ invented skipping-based distractions. I suppose the current story is that AJ has some sort of crippling mental disorder that compels her skip wherever she goes, but originally she was crazy like a fox and used the skipping as a weapon. There’s only so many times you can be outsmarted by Eva Marie and yourself from three years ago before I start to lose respect.

Best: Everybody Makes Mistakes

Yeah, they certainly do. The guy who decided Bo Dallas should fold to Jack Swagger in under a minute like he was R-Truth in a wet t-shirt made a pretty big one. Thankfully after the commercial break Bo helpfully explained that he wasn’t tapping, he was just using his hand to maneuver his way to the ropes to make the break. I choose to believe him, because I’d prefer not to have to throw my computer out the window in a rage.

Best: A Night Dedicated to Punching The Miz in the Face

There’s something to be said for ridiculous mismatches. The kind of mismatch we got here, where the guy getting his ass beat has some shred of credibility despite being comically outmatched by his opponent, is actually kind of rare. Basically, there’s just enough semblance of competition that it briefly feels like a real match before the lion gets it’s claws into the gazelle and the bloodbath begins.

If you didn’t get a little spark of glee when you heard the freakin’ Miz would be wrestling Roman Reigns, then you’re a better person than I, and this pro wrestling thing probably isn’t for you. The match was a satisfying dismantling, and the show ended as it began with Miz absorbing a second meaty Samoan fist to his face. Miz may as well retire the moneymaker gimmick now. Where can you go after the Superman punch? Two Superman punches? A Superman punch with Roman Reigns wearing Hulk fists? Well, I suppose the moneymaker thing can stick around a little while longer if WWE makes that last one happen.

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