The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 8/22/14: The New American Sweetheart

By: 08.23.14  •  26 Comments

Best: Dust Bros. vs. Wyatts

It kind of goes without saying that the Dusts vs. Wyatts was a good match, but surprisingly Erick Rowan was actually the star of the match. He may still have some distance to go as a single competitor, but Rowan’s pretty much right up there with his partner Harper when it comes to tag matches. And hey, the Rhodes boys won, so apparently WWE has come to their senses and decided to not waste a month of promos and the best new theme music in a decade.

Oh, and after the match this happened…


That’s how you use a chair during a brawl, Randy.

Best: Leisurely Beatdown Interrupted

Sorry, I know I said I’d stop harping on Randy Orton’s boring beatdowns, and from this point on I’m going to stick to that pledge. So, let’s see, what’s up next on the show? Ah, a Miz/Roman Reigns match — this should be a sporting contest!

Annnd it’s over already and Randy Orton and Reigns are brawling. I’m…I’m just going to put my head down on my desk for a second.

Despite my dramatics, this was actually pretty solid. Roman Reigns’ face persona has become distressingly Sheamus-like over the past few weeks, but you know what? As long as he’s barrelling around, jumping, punching and just generally keeping me awake during Randy Orton segments, I’m still pretty much okay with the dude. Be a jerk if you must, just don’t be a boring jerk.

Hey folks, I’m going to be taking a few days off to recharge my blogging powers next week, so no Smackdown or Main Event report from me next week. Feel free to use the comments section to talk about how terribly you’ll miss me.

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