Booker T Is Permanently Replacing Jerry Lawler On Raw

01.09.15 2 years ago 73 Comments
Raw announce team change


On Monday, Booker T sat behind Raw’s announce table as a replacement for Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, who had been hospitalized with a case of what we’re calling Brock Lesnar Gut. It was thought to be a temporary solution, but according to it was the first step in the announcement of shuffled Raw and Smackdown announce teams for 2015. Whoops!

As SmackDown prepares to move to Thursday nights next week on Syfy, WWE Universe members will be seeing some new faces behind both the Raw and SmackDown announce desks.

Starting Monday on Raw, Michael Cole and JBL will be joined each week by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, while the new SmackDown announce team will consist of Cole, newcomer Byron Saxton and incomparable WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler. Cole, JBL and Lawler will continue to provide commentary during WWE pay-per-view events.

Check out both of these announce teams in action on Raw, Monday night at 8/7 CT on USA Network, and SmackDown on its new night, Thursday at 8/7 CT on Syfy!


1. See you never, Tom Phillips.

2. Michael Cole is still the centerpiece of both announce teams. You’ve got to wonder why they continue to think Cole is the Voice Of The WWE, but I guess the answers are “he’ll do what he’s told” and “doesn’t like wrestling enough to complain about anything happening.” JBL should be brand switched into a cannon and fired from it.

3. Are they moving Lawler to the taped show in case something bad happens? That can’t be a huge morale boost. “Hey, so we can’t count on your body to work for three hours during a live show so we’re gonna Max Headroom you into Smackdown no matter what.”

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